MedFile – software that speeds up administrative work in medical facilities, and improves relations between patients and staff.


The system supports the organization of work not only by creating and storing medical registers (including the ability to attach media to it), but also setting visit dates, creating and printing prescriptions and referrals. MedFile is not only for doctors. The software provides multiple access – its functionalities support the work of your accountants and nurses. We guarantee the highest level of security and constant access to the patient’s data for authorized personnel (selective sharing and thorough verification of entitlements). Another important feature of the application is the integration of the system with the drug databases, the database of diseases (ICD-10) and medical procedures (ICD-9), which all help with creating medical documentation and generating prescriptions.


Because the application is based on cloud computing, the cost of deploying the system is minimized – there is no need to buy a server to store files or to install any software on your computer. MedFile requires only an Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser.