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E-commerce and b2b applications

In times when demand for e-commerce software is increasing, the requirements that these applications have to meet are also growing. The vast majority of commercially available online stores are simple tools, not capable of providing stable growth in productivity with increased traffic and demand for your services.


The undeniable shortcomings of ready-made applications are their level of complexity and the issues that arise when trying to update or customize them. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in writing dedicated stores and applications that are aimed at direct contact between businesses.


We offer integration with accounting programs, Allegro, eBay or external communication systems, e.g. using WebServer. Examples of use of such systems can be found within courier companies and external wholesale magazines that provide real-time information on stock levels. We build dispersed warehouses that share their information between multiple stores and additional accounting software.


Our solutions are characterized by absolute focus and alignment of each module to the needs of the industry, to create forms and procedures which are easily capable of dealing with human error.


We have many years of experience in creating search engines, indexing data and suggesting derivative or similar keywords. Based on solutions that we have developed over the years, we offer comprehensive software development services dedicated to efficient management of databases.


Databases generated by our software, both public and limited to specific users, are completely unique and easy to use – we tailor them to our customers’ individual needs and provide an intuitive interface that will improve browsing and updating of the databases.


Besides dedicated applications, to ensure the safety of your databases, we offer disk space on our own servers. If you wish to use servers that belong to you, we can also install the software on your devices.


We offer a centralized set of tools dedicated to managing your customer support. Our service allows you to forget about infinite numbers of spreadsheets and access databases. When conducting any business in which you need to keep in contact with your customers, and maintain sales and service history, you will appreciate the possibilities that a tailor-made CRM system provides.


As your number of customers grows, and you no longer have time to create all of the documentation, contracts and invoices on your own, it’s time to automate all of the repetitive processes. Our software allows you to focus on delivering your services, instead of wasting time on paperwork.


By switching to our CRM software, first and foremost you gain complete control over all of your documents, employees and customers. Transferring all data to a single secure location lest you avoid any potential loss of data that would normally be spread across different media and computers. With our powerful servers, you can use the app anytime, and from anywhere in the world.


For each application we can create any set of reports and charts, with the ability to export to formats such as pdf or xlsx.

Dedicated software

We create and design technologically advanced dedicated software, prioritizing the minimization of our clients expenditures.

It is made possible due to our apps being developed in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. In addition to lowering your maintenance costs – thanks to our optimized servers – this kind of solution guarantees a number of other benefits, such as server reliability, easy access to help from IT specialists, simple and fast updates to the software at the customer’s request, without unnecessary loss of time or breaks in the business. Another advantage of this type of solution is mobility – you can access the application from anywhere on Earth and from any device, the only condition – being connected to the Internet, and an up-to-date version of a web browser.

Web services and informatics systems

In the era of fast development of information technology, it is important to create reliable and tailored solutions. For the benefit of our customers, we create specialized software dedicated to research projects, as well as sets of tools to manage their customers’ activities.


Our offer includes:

  • Internet / web / mobile applications – responsive, available on mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets)
  • Websites and information systems with a web interface
  • Dedicated software
  • E-Commerce b2c and b2b
  • Reporting systems
  • Databases
  • Medical applications
  • CRM applications with advanced reporting systems