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Web services and informatics systems

In the era of fast development of information technology, it is important to create reliable and tailored solutions. For the benefit of our customers, we create specialized software dedicated to research projects, as well as sets of tools to manage their customers’ activities.


Our offer includes:

  • Internet / web / mobile applications – responsive, available on mobile devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets)
  • Websites and information systems with a web interface
  • Dedicated software
  • E-Commerce b2c and b2b
  • Reporting systems
  • Databases
  • Medical applications
  • CRM applications with advanced reporting systems

Reporting systems

We specialize in creating dedicated applications for data collection and analysis. We prepare systems for statistical analysis, monitoring of processes and reporting.

Software for businesses


With the growth of a company, the complexity of processes happening within it increases. At some stage of development, a simple spreadsheet is no longer sufficient. At that point, it becomes necessary to implement software that will save you time and money. The systems that we offer are proven as solutions that have found their application both on the Polish and foreign markets. We do not limit ourselves to ready-made tools that have been developed over the years, we are aware that in most cases it is advisable to use tailor-made reporting software, created specifically with your needs in mind – and that is what we specialize in.


Software for medicine

We create dedicated reporting applications that collect data in a central database. The app is available in a web or mobile version. The characteristic feature of generated reports is their personalization, we can define which data is interesting, what time range and in what form it should be presented. Additionally, we can download reports in PDF form, or send them directly to an e-mail address.

Our flagship system is the eCRF – software made to process data from various research projects. More available at: http://www.ecrf.biz.pl/


Features of our applications:

  • Multiple access

  • Responsiveness

  • Security

  • Multiplatform

  • Functionality

  • Recent trends


Statistical analysis:

Apart from applications, we also deal with data analysis and statistical consultations. Our team of experts with over a dozen years of experience offers professional analysis in accordance to the Philadelphia list magazines. We also invite you to visit our portal at http://www.statystyka.az.pl/, where you can find content in the field of statistics, data analysis and hypothesis verification.